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Influencer Marketing Analytics
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Why us?
Convenient and easy-to-use tools for Influencers discovery, your competitors' Ad Campaigns analyses and the launch of your own campaigns
YouTube and Twitch
We collect and process the data from the most popular platforms - YouTube and Twitch
Smart search filters for Influencers discovery
We provide an ability to search and discover Influencers based on various filter combinations
Broadcast languages
We use our own algorithms that help us understand and interpret the language used by the Influencer, as well as his residency
Ad videos search
We find ad mentions of sites and games in the videos and streams
Influencers' lists
We give the opportunity to create and save lists of Influencers for future advertising campaigns
Contact info
We provide access to the Influencers' contacts
Influencers search and selection
Discover any Influencer with 10k+ subscriber base
Look for the Influencer conveniently
The system lets you discover Influencers based on various filter combinations: their country, broadcast language, advertising price, channel's category, subscribers and many others
Analyze the Influencer's potential
We have created a whole page with full and detailed statistics of each Influencer
We monitor the Influencer's views dynamics
We analyze the dynamics of the video's views growth
Create Influencers' lists
With us you can create your own Influencers' lists with the Influencer's contact info and export them to your PC
Group the Influencers in the system
Using our filters, discover perfect Influencers and group them to get a final Influencers' lists
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App Analytics
We find apps in App Store and Google Play and join them into one product page
Find ads of any brand you can think of
Study the Ad strategy of a brand: what Influencers do they pick and how frequent are their launches?
Website Analytics
We find all of the product's websites and join the domains into one campaign page
We gather all the website's info into one page
We will show you all of the website's domains that are linked to the product
Game Analytics
More than 50k games played by the Influencers in their videos
All videos with game mentions
Search games by their genre, platform, store or developer
Video search
Can't recall the Influencer's name, but remember the name of his video? Our algorithm helps you search for a video by its title and its description box
BuzzGuru Agency
If you are looking for an Influencers, but you have not enough experience with them or there is no time for this, then our agency just for you
VIP package for big brands or startups looking for a full turn-key marketing campaign
Clients preferring post-payment or requiring workflow documents
Clients looking for new markets to enter or a certain Influencer group to collab with
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