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All-in-one influencer marketing platform

Prepare, run, monitor, and analyze your influencer marketing campaigns in one place. Take control over the full cycle of your advertising campaigns on the SaaS platform for brands and agencies

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Save 125 hours per month
Focus on what impacts your direct profit. BuzzGuru influencer marketing software automates manual tasks you don’t have time for. It’s like getting an extra employee without needing an extra desk.

1000+ brands and agencies choose BuzzGuru to scale their businesses

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Select your technology stack to fuel your
influencer marketing

Get access to a complete collection of tools vital for managing & evaluating influencer marketing campaigns to make them more effective and increase ROI.

Discover influencers

Discover influencers

Use ever-expanding base to find relevant influencers on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch.

  • 27M+ database
  • 30+ smart filters
  • Data analysis by AI
Saves 6 hours a day
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Manage campaigns

Manage campaigns

Create and arrange campaigns, invite colleagues and clients to monitor the progress.

  • Full cycle management in one place
  • Variety of roles for contributors
  • Constant data updates
Saves 6 hours a day
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Get reports and analytics

Get reports and analytics

Get the most detailed analytics on each influencer’s and the entire campaign’s performance.

  • Accurate statistics on influencers
  • Data-based performance forecasts
  • Automated reports & estimations
Saves 6 hours a day
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Analyze competitors

Analyze competitors

Get insights on competitors’ influencer marketing strategy, see what creators they work with.

  • Brand mentions (paid/organic)
  • Affiliated influencers
  • Brands’ ad performance analytics
Saves 6 hours a day
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Bring your influencer marketing to the next level

BuzzGuru influencer marketing platform helps you do your marketing wisely. It’s a cutting-edge software solution for brands and marketers that value accuracy in data analytics and prefer to make data-driven decisions.

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For e-commerce

  • Create genuine direct partnerships between you and creator
  • Run your influencer marketing campaigns in-house with no middleman
  • Save up to 126 hours a month on influencer discovery and competitor research
  • Forecast campaign’s performance and track it in real time
  • Maximize your influencer marketing ROI with data-driven decisions
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For agencies

  • Manage and organize multiple influencer marketing campaigns within one platform
  • Flexibly scale your agency with BuzzGuru automation features
  • Drive and make your team’s work more efficient
  • Invite clients to follow their influencer marketing campaigns in real time
  • Get full, neatly designed reports for your clients in a few clicks
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For app & game developers

  • Discover influencers promoting specific apps and games
  • Reach the right audience with advanced targeting and filtering
  • Manage your influencer marketing efforts in-house
  • Gain competitive advantage by analyzing your competitors’ strategy
  • Learn what’s trending in the market of apps and games
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For digital products

  • Recruit content creators with an authentic affinity for your brand
  • Benchmark your influencer marketing strategy against the brands just like yours
  • Save resources with the help of BuzzGuru automation tools & analytics
  • Track influencer campaign performance and analyze the performance of your advertising efforts by comparing it to your KPIs and goals.

Solve all your influencer marketing
tasks with the end-to-end platform

BuzzGuru is designed to meet your marketing needs and help you win the challenges in different markets, outperform your competitors, and scale influencer marketing.

Influencer discovery Influencer discovery

Choose the most relevant creators

Use BuzzGuru’s database of more than 27M influencers from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch to find those who fit your advertising campaigns.

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Choose the most relevant creators
Influencer analytics Influencer analytics

Make data-driven decisions based on influencers’ metrics

Partner up with authentic content creators by analyzing them with 30+ data points: account quality, estimated cost of services, audience and views growth dynamics, engagement rate, and more.

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Make data-driven decisions based on an influencers’ metrics
Campaign management Campaign management

Control ad campaigns at all stages

Plan, organize, and make influencer marketing campaigns on social media more effective. Launch a campaign, monitor its success in real time, and get a full report.

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Control ad campaigns at all stages
Reporting and analytics Reporting and analytics

Evaluate campaign success with advanced reports

Get reports on your influencer marketing campaigns automatically. Visualize data and performance in organized charts and tables, as well as compare results to your KPIs.

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Evaluate campaigns with advanced reports
Competitor research Competitor research

Learn about competitors’ performance and strategy

Benchmark your influencer marketing performance against market leaders and gain visibility into your competitor strategy, influencers engaged in their campaigns and their performance metrics.

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Learn about competitors’ performance and strategy
Market analysis Market analysis

Have a deeper understanding of the market

Get a complete picture of the influencer marketing landscape in your niche, discover new opportunities and define the most successful strategy for yourself with the help of an all-in-one platform.

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Have a deeper understanding of the market

We can’t say it better than our happy customers

Lenox Powell
Lenox Powell
Сontent director, Semrush
“BuzzGuru brings ease, simplicity, and transparency to the process of finding compatible influencers. It rolls influencer discovery, analysis, and competitive intelligence
into one app”
SemRush Learn more
Vicente Mirasol
Vicente Mirasol
CEO, Tumanag3r
“BuzzGuru is one of the best influencer marketing platforms, offering good and optimal results. Congratulations to your great team for the work”
Tumanag3r Learn more
Daichi Mukai
Daichi Mukai
Creative Video Teams Section Manager, SEGA Corporation
“BuzzGuru discovery and analytics platform provides us with the opportunity to discover influencers from all over the world. We use BuzzGuru to discover great influencers on different platforms where gamers gather, including
Twitch and TikTok”
SEGA Corporation Learn more
SaaS Master
SaaS Master
SaaS Master
“BuzzGuru has a huge database of influencers and insights is going to help you to find the right people or find the right information that’s going to take your business to the next level”
SaaS Master Learn more
Product Hunt
Product Hunt
Product Hunt
“Simple and straightforward features and functionality anyone can understand! I really recommend it!”
Product Hunt Learn more

What the marketing industry says about us

Tech Times

“As a leader in influencer marketing, BuzzGuru can streamline and automate influencer marketing campaigns, gather analytical data on specific advertising campaigns, and convert it into actual results.”

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Yahoo finance

“Following the mission of driving innovations and transparency across influencer marketing, BuzzGuru offers the most advanced technology to meet marketers’ needs.”

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Business of Apps

“BuzzGuru provides automation features to scale your influencer marketing efforts and save money and resources on customer acquisition via influencer marketing channels.”

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Great influencer partnerships grow your business

See how BuzzGuru influencer marketing platform can boost your influencer marketing and scale your business. Get the details on how our clients save 5X time and resources and build the most successful ad campaigns in their history.

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Great influencer partnerships grow your business

Frequently asked questions

Influencer marketing software is a platform, a tool, or a set of tools that help businesses automate and scale their influencer marketing efforts, find relevant influencers, check their data and statistics, manage influencer marketing campaigns, manage relationships with content creators, get analytics and reports.

Influencer marketing software allows you to streamline your marketing efforts with content creators, optimize time and human resources needed for successful campaign’s operations, keep track of your collaborations with influencers, as well as check their performance.

BuzzGuru influencer marketing platform offers you a stack of technological solutions to enhance your overall marketing performance, drive sales from influencer collaborations and save up to 126 hours monthly on manual tasks.

BuzzGuru is a trusted influencer marketing software with over 1000 clients worldwide, including SEGA, IQ Option, MacPaw, Gaijin, etc. It is an award-winning software to manage influencer marketing campaigns, endorsed by industry leaders: BuzzGuru platform is recognized as the leader by Influencer Marketing Awards, Influencer Marketing Hub, Business of Apps, Finances Online and more - for our exceptional work in the industry.

BuzzGuru provides multiple pricing plans that are fully customizable for your individual needs. Book a demo with our representatives to learn the platform’s capabilities and the ways it can boost your performance.

A SaaS platform allows you to get value from the influencer marketing channel much faster: you don’t need to install it and it can reduce the issues that get in the way of the software deployment, the platform is ready to be used from the first second. It touches upon the updates as well - with the SaaS platform, the provider upgrades the solution and it becomes available for their customers. The costs and effort associated with upgrades are lower than the traditional model. 

SaaS platform is also beneficial in terms of cost, - which is super advantageous for small and medium businesses as SaaS platform allows to grow rapidly with a fair cost of licensing.