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Analytics' influencer promoted Apps search section
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App section's abilities
A convenient and easy-to-use tool to analyze your competitors' apps and advertising campaigns, that can detect any app that was ever promoted by influencers
Apps search
We find all apps that were ever promoted by influencers on YouTube and Twitch
Detection of the mentions' growth
Free and paid mentions' growth chart
Map of mentions
We detect ads made by influencers all over the globe
Placement cost
We will show you the cost of a certain app promotion
A video-ad search
We find all videos that have a certain app's mention or promotion
Influencers stats
We will show you all influencers that promoted a certain app, with their stats and performance
App search
We detect all mentions of a certain app in YouTube videos and Twitch streams
Sort by the number of mentions, number of influencers or the Ad Campaign's budget
Search for app
Detailed app page
App stats letting you monitor paid mentions' dynamics and views number on a sponsored video
The display of App Store and Google Play download pages
We show you the map of mentions, based on the regions
We show you the Ad Campaign budget of a certain app
Get app analytics
Influencer app promotion
Search for all influencers who promoted a certain app
Filter the influencers by different criteria
Detailed influencers stats
Create your own influencers lists for different campaigns
Research apps
Videos with apps promotions
All videos that have a certain app's mention or promotion
Video search parameters settings
Projected placement cost
We detect a tracking link in the description box or comments section
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Working with the Influencers lists
Influencers lists for different campaigns
Export influencers lists with all the contact info
Create your own list
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