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Free Instagram engagement rate calculator

A free Instagram engagement rate calculator helps you check any Instagram account in a single click. Learn the truth about any Instagram influencer's engagement rate. Will they bring you profit? Use BuzzGuru’s free engagement rate calculator for Instagram to learn what influencers are the best for collaborations with brands.

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Instagram account engagement rate calculator

Here you can check the real engagement rate of any Instagram account for free. All you need to do is type the account’s name here, and the calculator will show you the result.
Instagram account engagement rate calculator
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Instagram account engagement rate calculator
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What engagement rate is good on Instagram?

Various types of Instagram influencers have their own level of engagement rate that, in comparison, can be named good. So a ‘good’ level of engagement rate can vary depending on the type of influencer you want to check online. To help you understand and compare these engagement rate levels, BuzzGuru has put together some helpful standards. First, use the free Instagram engagement rate calculator, and then see how well different Instagram users are doing in terms of engaging with their followers.

Instagram engagement rate benchmarks

1k - 10k
10k - 30k
Mid-tier influencers
30k - 100k
100k - 1M
Excellent > 4,5% > 3,8% > 2,1% > 1,8% > 2%
Good 2,1 - 4,5% 1,5 - 3,8% 0,8 - 2,1% 0,7 - 1,8% 0,6 - 2%
Average 1,2 - 2,1% 0,4 - 1,5% 0,2 - 0,8% 0,1 - 0,7% 0,1 - 0,6%
Poor < 1,2% < 0,4% < 0,2% < 0,1% < 0,1%


How Instagram engagement rate calculator works

BuzzGuru leverages AI power to precisely compute the engagement rate on Instagram, assisting you in selecting influencers who truly captivate audiences and stimulate interaction with their content on Instagram.

BuzzGuru’s free Instagram engagement rate calculator uses 12 recent posts of the influencer you check to measure their engagement rate. This allows you to get the most up-to-date picture, since the most recent data is used. Old data with all the ups and downs would distort the current situation. Only the fresh information tells the truth about how the Instagram influencer is doing right now and allows you to predict engagement for a post with your ad integration.

Likes and comments are one of the most important and representative metrics for engagement measurement, so our free engagement rate calculator uses them both, as well as the number of the influencer’s followers.
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The BuzzGuru Instagram engagement rate calculator uses this formula:

ER =  
Likes + Comments
 * 100

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FAQs about Instagram engagement rate calculator

Calculating the engagement rate on Instagram is crucial for advertisers, and here’s why:

  • Influencer selection. The engagement rate helps you select the right influencer for your brand. It's not just about the number of followers an influencer has; what matters more is how much those followers interact with the content. An influencer with a high engagement rate can be more valuable to your brand, even if they have fewer followers.
  • Measuring marketing campaign success. The engagement rate is a key metric that can determine the success of your marketing campaign. If an influencer’s posts generally get a lot of likes, comments, and shares, it’s likely that a post featuring your brand will also receive high engagement, increasing your brand visibility and potential for sales.
  • Budget optimization. Understanding an influencer's engagement rate can also help you optimize your marketing budget. By focusing on influencers with higher engagement rates, you can ensure you're getting the best return on your investment. Also, the level of engagement rate influences the cost per advertising post or Story from the influencer.
  • Authentic connections. A high engagement rate usually indicates that the influencer has a strong, authentic connection with their audience, which is crucial when trying to build trust for your brand.
  • Algorithm advantage. Instagram's algorithm favors posts with high engagement, showing them to more users. Collaborating with influencers with high engagement rates could therefore get your content in front of a larger audience.

Instagram engagement rate is calculated by examining how much interaction, specifically likes and comments, an influencer's posts receive in relation to their total number of followers. BuzzGuru has created a sophisticated yet straightforward tool to calculate this metric accurately – and it’s free for you.

The metrics used for the calculation are the number of likes and comments the influencer's posts receive, as these are representative indicators of the level of interaction an influencer's content has with their audience. The number of the influencer's followers is also taken into account as it provides a measure of the potential reach of the influencer's content.

The formula used by BuzzGuru’s free Instagram calculator is as follows (you can also use it if you want to calculate some ER by yourself:

Engagement rate = Likes + CommentsFollowers * 100

By using this formula, you're given a percentage that represents the level of engagement an Instagram influencer currently has with their audience, allowing you to predict the level of engagement a post featuring your ad might achieve.

You simply need to use this free calculator – it shows the average engagement rate for any Instagram account in seconds. But if you want to do everything manually, here’s what you need:

Calculating the average engagement rate on Instagram involves several steps. Here is a simple way to do it manually:

  • Select a range of posts. Choose a specific number of recent posts for which you want to calculate the engagement rate. This could be the last 10, 20, or even 50 posts, depending on how up-to-date you want your analysis to be.
  • Calculate the engagement rate of each Instagram post. For each post, add the number of likes and comments to find the total engagement.
  • Divide by the number of followers. Take each post's total engagement and divide it by the total number of followers the account has. This will give you the engagement rate for each individual post.
  • Multiply by 100. Multiply the number you get by 100 to convert it to a percentage. This will give you the engagement rate per post.
  • Calculate the average. Once you have the engagement rate for each post, add them all up and divide by the number of posts you analyzed. This will give you the average engagement rate.

Keep in mind that this process can be quite time-consuming if done manually, especially if you select a wide range of posts. Therefore, many marketers prefer to use tools like BuzzGuru's Instagram engagement rate calculator, which automates the process and provides more accurate results.

Just type your Instagram’s account name in the BuzzGuru’s free calculator and it will give you the result. If you want to do the calculations by yourself, check the information above, select a range of posts from your account, and follow the instructions. Here’s the formula for calculating your engagement rate:

Engagement rate = Likes + CommentsFollowers * 100

The overall engagement rate on Instagram is a measure of the interaction that all of an account's posts receive collectively, relative to their follower count. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to calculate it manually:

  • Total engagement. Sum up the total number of likes and comments from all the posts you're considering.
  • Total followers. Take note of the total number of followers the Instagram account has.
  • Calculate the overall engagement rate. Divide the total engagement by the total number of followers.
  • Convert to percentage: Multiply the resulting number by 100 to get your overall Instagram engagement rate in percentage form.

Here is the resulting formula:

Overall Engagement Rate = (Total Likes + Total Comments) / Total Followers * 100

You can calculate the engagement rate for an Instagram Story by using a formula that takes into account the unique views and actions taken on the story. However, unlike posts, stories have multiple unique ways users can engage. Hence, we should consider multiple factors like replies, link clicks, sticker taps, etc. Here's a general way you can calculate the engagement rate for an Instagram Story:

  • First, you need to define what you consider to be engagement for your story. This can be any action a user takes on your story. For example, this could include replies, sticker taps, swipe ups, profile clicks, or link clicks. If you want them all for the Story that will contain your ads in the future, sum them all.
  • Once you've defined what you consider to be engagement, you can calculate your engagement rate with the following formula:
Engagement Rate = (Total Engagements / Total Views) * 100%