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Free TikTok engagement rate calculator

A free TikTok engagement rate calculator to help you check what’s an influencer’s actual engagement rate online. It’s here to help you select only those TikTok influencers who will bring profit during your influencer marketing campaign.

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TikTok channel engagement rate calculator

Use BuzzGuru’s TikTok engagement rate calculator for free. Just select an account you need to check and type its name in – you will get the result instantly.
TikTok channel engagement rate calculator
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TikTok channel engagement rate calculator
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What engagement rate is good on TikTok?

Micro-, macro-, mega-influencers and other types all have their own average engagement rate levels that can be considered good. To understand how the TikTok creator you want to collaborate with performs, you need to compare their engagement rate to that of their fellow influencers of the same type. BuzzGuru used AI to analyze 27M+ influencers and calculated the average engagement rate for each group for you.

TikTok engagement rate benchmarks

1k - 10k
10k - 30k
Mid-tier influencers
30k - 100k
100k - 1M
Excellent > 17,1% > 17,4% > 14,1% > 13,2% > 12,7%
Good 9,1 - 17,1% 10,1 - 17,4% 9,2 - 14,1% 8,7 - 13,2% 8,9 - 12,7%
Average 4,7 - 9,1% 6,6 - 10,1% 5,3 - 9,2% 5,2 - 8,7% 5,7 - 8,9%
Poor < 4,7% < 6,6% < 5,3% < 5,2% < 5,7%


How TikTok engagement rate calculator works

BuzzGuru puts AI at your service. Our TikTok engagement rate calculator automatically discovers the influencer you need and checks their account.

BuzzGuru’s TikTok calculator checks how often videos are uploaded on the channel. Based on this, it determines the time frame for counting the number of interactions with the content. This period can range from 1 to 3 months.

AI identifies those interactions with the content that stand out significantly from the rest on a specific channel. These numbers can’t be counted together with the other ones. Distinguishing critical ups and downs helps us ensure that the engagement rate value you get calculated is more representative and accurately reflects the real situation.
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Here is how to calculate TikTok engagement rate. It’s the formula used by BuzzGuru’s free TikTok engagement rate calculator:

ER =  
Likes + Comments + Shares
 * 100

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FAQs about TikTok engagement rate calculator

Engagement rate on TikTok is a metric that measures the level of interaction between TikTok users and the content posted by an account. It's an important indicator of how actively the audience is responding to the content. Higher engagement rates often suggest that the content attracts a lot of attention and is resonating well with the audience.

Engagement rate is calculated by summing up the likes, comments, and shares on the content and dividing this by the number of views, then multiplying the result by 100 to get a percentage. In mathematical terms, the formula used by BuzzGuru's TikTok engagement rate calculator is:

Engagement rate = Likes + Comments + SharesViews * 100

This metric is particularly valuable for influencers and marketers because it helps them assess the effectiveness of their content and their overall influence on the platform. It can guide decisions about future content creation and influencer marketing campaigns. Moreover, comparing an influencer's engagement rate to those of similar influencers can provide insights into their relative performance.

It's important to note that the engagement rate can vary based on several factors, including the type of influencer (nano-, micro-, macro-, mega-influencers), content quality, posting frequency, and changes in TikTok's algorithms and user behaviors.

The engagement level is vital for TikTok channels for several reasons:

  • Audience interaction. A higher engagement rate typically indicates that the audience is actively interacting with the content. This can mean that they find the content interesting, entertaining, or valuable, which is a positive sign for any TikTok channel.
  • Content effectiveness. Engagement rate can be used as a metric to measure the effectiveness of the content. If a piece of content has a high engagement rate, it's likely resonating well with the audience. This can help guide future content creation.
  • Influencer marketing. For brands considering influencer marketing, engagement rates are crucial. A high engagement rate may suggest that an influencer's followers are more likely to interact with branded content, thus leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Platform algorithms. On platforms like TikTok, engagement can influence how the algorithm distributes content. Higher engagement could lead to broader content distribution, reaching more users and expanding the channel's visibility. If a TikTok video has ads in it, the advertiser, too, gets a larger coverage.
  • Competitive analysis. By comparing engagement rates, channels can gain insights into their performance relative to similar influencers or competitors. This can help identify strengths and areas for improvement.

In summary, the engagement level is a critical measure of a channel's health and success on TikTok. It can inform content strategy, influencer partnerships, and overall channel growth.

The level of influencer engagement rate on TikTok can vary significantly based on several factors, including the influencer's audience size, content quality, and posting frequency.

To determine whether an engagement rate is good or not, you need to compare it with the average engagement rate of similar influencers (of the same type and size). BuzzGuru's tool has analyzed over 27 million influencers to calculate these average engagement rates: you can find them above, in the “TikTok engagement rate benchmarks” section.

BuzzGuru's TikTok engagement rate calculator uses AI to analyze the engagement rate of influencers, taking into account likes, comments, and shares in relation to views over a certain time period (1 to 3 months depending on the frequency of content posted). This allows you to gauge an influencer's actual engagement rate online.

Here is the formula that the calculator uses. You can also use it if you want to calculate some TikTok influencer’s engagement rate manually:

Engagement rate = Likes + Comments + SharesViews * 100