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Free Twitch engagement rate calculator

Try this Twitch engagement rate calculator to find out the engagement rate of any Twitch channel. The higher the engagement rate, the more successful your brand’s collaboration with the influencer can be!

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Twitch channel engagement rate calculator

To learn the true engagement rate level of any Twitch influencer, just type their channel name and get the result in one click. Use BuzzGuru’s free Twitch engagement rate calculator online.
Twitch channel engagement rate calculator
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Twitch channel engagement rate calculator
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What engagement rate is good on Twitch?

Various Twitch streamers have differing levels of engagement rate that are deemed good – it highly depends on their followers count. So you need to compare any Twitch streamer’s engagement rate to other similar streamers’ to understand if it’s good. Here are some benchmarks for your reference. These are standards BuzzGuru has compiled to simplify the process of comparing engagement rates of different Twitch streamers and determine their effectiveness.

Twitch engagement rate benchmarks

  0-100 followers 100-1k followers 1k-5k followers 5k-10k followers 10k-50k followers 50k-100k followers 100k+ followers
Excellent > 85% > 60% > 45% > 43% > 30% > 11% > 9%
Good 55 - 85% 40 - 60% 27 - 45% 25 - 43% 20 - 30% 9 - 11% 7 - 9%
Average 38 - 55% 25 - 40% 17 - 27% 14 - 25% 12 - 20% 7 - 9% 5 - 7%
Poor < 38% < 25% < 17% < 14% < 12% < 7% < 5%


How Twitch engagement rate calculator works

BuzzGuru’s Twitch engagement rate calculator leverages the power of AI to give you the most accurate results. Here are several key metrics, each providing valuable insights into the performance of a livestream, that BuzzGuru’s calculator considers:

CCV (Concurrent Viewers) – the average size of the audience throughout a livestream. CCV provides an insight into how consistently viewers are interested in the content. A high CCV indicates that viewers are staying on the stream for extended periods.

Commentators – the number of unique users who actively participated in the chat by sending messages or engaging with the stream in some other way. A high number of commentators often indicates a lively and engaged community around a stream.
Views – the total number of views the stream received. Each view counts as one person clicking on the stream to watch it. A high number of views suggests that the stream has a wide reach and is attracting a lot of interest.
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The formula used by the Twitch engagement rate calculator:

ER =  
CCV + Commentators
 * 100

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FAQs about Twitch engagement rate calculator

Engagement rate on Twitch refers to the level of interaction that a streamer's content receives from their viewers. This is measured by factors like the number of unique users who watch the stream and who actively participate in the chat.

It's also important to note that Twitch counts views for live streams and archived streams separately, which can create a substantial difference in viewership numbers. Typically, archived streams attract fewer viewers than live broadcasts.

To gather accurate engagement data for a Twitch stream, you can watch the stream in real time online or use a special platform to record the statistics. Additionally, streamers have access to an internal metric known as Average Concurrent Viewership in their dashboards. This metric essentially measures the level of attention and engagement a streamer maintains during a live stream.

To calculate the Twitch engagement rate of any streamer, the BuzzGuru’s Twitch engagement rate calculator uses this formula:

Engagement rate = CCV + CommentatorsViews * 100

This is also how to calculate twitch engagement rate manually – gather the data and use the formula.

Engagement level is an essential metric for Twitch channels for several reasons:

  • Assessing viewer interest. Engagement level is a direct indicator of how much interest a streamer's content is generating. High engagement means that viewers are not only watching but also actively participating in the stream, which indicates a high level of interest in the content being broadcasted.
  • Building a loyal community. High engagement often translates to a more loyal and active community. When viewers are regularly interacting with a stream (through chat, donations, subscriptions, etc.), it's a sign that they are invested in the streamer and the community. This strong sense of community can be incredibly valuable for brands looking to build long-term relationships with their target audience.
  • Influencer selection. When choosing influencers to partner with for marketing campaigns, you need to consider more than just follower count. Engagement level is often a more accurate indicator of an influencer's potential impact. An influencer with high engagement rates is likely to have a more active and engaged audience, which can lead to higher campaign performance.
  • Campaign performance. Engagement level can be used to track the performance of marketing campaigns. For example, if you partner with a Twitch streamer for a campaign, you can monitor the engagement level during the campaign to assess its success. High engagement could indicate a successful campaign, while low engagement might suggest that the content or influencer wasn't a good fit for your target audience.

In short, the engagement level on Twitch channels provides valuable insights for brand owners and influencer marketing specialists, helping make more informed decisions and optimize marketing efforts.

It depends on the category of Twitch influencers you are considering. Twitch streamers with different numbers of followers and viewers usually have different engagement rate levels that can be named ‘good’ when compared to their colleagues’. To give you a sense of the numbers, BuzzGuru has analyzed over 27M+ influencers of different types and figured out their good and ban engagement rates with the help of AI. See them in the “Twitch engagement rate benchmarks” section above.