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Free influencer marketing tools

Here you will find free tools for influencer marketing and the ultimate solution for optimizing your influencer marketing strategies and identifying high-quality social media profiles. Industry-leading specialists at BuzzGuru offer a selection of free influencer marketing tools tailored specifically for marketers and brand owners preparing their next successful campaigns.

Best tools for influencer marketing

Unlock the power of BuzzGuru’s free tools and elevate your influencer marketing campaigns to new heights, gaining valuable insights and accurately assessing the authenticity and impact of social media accounts.

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You can go beyond free influencer marketing tools and get even more information about any influencer, see what your competitors are doing and what influencers they collaborate with, track your influencer marketing campaigns and get detailed reports – and do it all in one place. Try BuzzGuru, the ultimate all-in-one influencer marketing platform, to get your influencer marketing on another level!

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Free influencer marketing tools you need

Out of all the top free influencer marketing tools that receive a lot of attention, there are a few essential ones that every marketer should use. Not all influencer marketing analytics tools need to be used regularly, but there are some important tools that help you check social media profile activity metrics that should be regularly utilized when you are planning the next influencer marketing campaign. Here is the list of tools that are crucial for any marketer.
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List of free influencer marketing tools

TikTok engagement rate calculator

BuzzGuru's TikTok engagement rate calculator identifies the needed influencer and evaluates their account activity. It determines an interaction count time frame (1-3 months) based on the frequency of video uploads. The AI singles out interaction anomalies, ensuring a more accurate engagement rate. The rate is calculated using this formula:

Engagement rate = (Likes + Comments + Shares) / Views * 100

YouTube engagement rate calculator

BuzzGuru's YouTube engagement rate calculator helps find influencers who can engage audiences. You just have to select an influencer you need to check, and it assesses video release frequency to set a 1-4 month interaction count period. The tool identifies outlier interactions to provide a more accurate engagement rate, excluding non-representative viral content. The engagement rate formula used is:

Engagement rate = (Likes + Comments + Shares) / Views * 100

Instagram engagement rate calculator

BuzzGuru's free Instagram engagement rate calculator uses the 12 latest posts of a selected influencer to provide the most current engagement data, as older data may not accurately reflect present performance. The calculator uses likes, comments, and follower count, critical engagement indicators, to predict potential ad integration engagement. The formula is:

Engagement rate = (Likes + Comments) / Followers * 100

Twitch engagement rate calculator

BuzzGuru's Twitch engagement rate calculator provides insights on livestream performance. Key metrics include Concurrent Viewers (CCV), indicating sustained viewer interest, the number of unique commentators, representing community engagement, and total views, showing stream reach. The formula used is:

Engagement rate = (CCV + Commentators) / Views * 100

Influencer marketing analytics tool

BuzzGuru's free Google Chrome extension enhances influencer marketing by providing immediate access to essential influencer data across major platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch. It supports marketers with valuable insights for planning, executing, and evaluating campaigns.

The plugin, connected to the BuzzGuru analytics platform with over 27 million influencer profiles, offers constant automatic updates and detailed analytics, including engagement rates, average likes, comments, views, and suggested influencer fees. This data facilitates faster identification of relevant influencers and prediction of potential campaign gains.

Additionally, the extension allows for competitor performance analysis. It identifies and displays brands that specific influencers have promoted, providing insights for optimizing advertising strategies and selecting influencers more effectively based on successful past promotions.

Engagement rate calculator

If you're seeking a metric tool for influencer marketing that can effectively measure the impact of any influencer’s post or video, consider using an engagement rate calculator. This tool offers several advantages:

  • Evaluate the percentage of the audience likely to respond to the influencer's request.
  • Gain insights into the authenticity of a social influencer's profile.
  • Assess if a particular influencer aligns with your marketing objectives.

Clearly, the engagement rate calculator plays a vital role in influencer marketing campaigns involving content creators.

Comprehensive analytics Chrome extension

The BuzzGuru Chrome Extension is a free powerful tool that allows you to conveniently analyze and manage influencer profiles on popular platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch. With this extension, you can access valuable analytics and data directly from your browser, enabling you to make informed decisions for your influencer marketing campaigns.

Key features of the BuzzGuru Chrome Extension include:

  • Profile analytics. Easily examine the performance of social media influencers and gain insights into their authenticity and quality. This data-driven approach helps you select the most suitable influencers for your advertising campaigns.
  • Performance metrics. Evaluate influencers based on various performance metrics, such as engagement rate, average likes, views, comments, integration cost, and even the brands and websites mentioned in their ads. This allows you to assess their effectiveness and relevance.
  • Integration with the BuzzGuru influencer marketing platform. The Chrome extension seamlessly integrates with the BuzzGuru marketing intelligence platform. You can add influencers directly from the YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitch interfaces and generate more detailed influencer reports. This comprehensive analytics helps you make necessary adjustments and optimize your campaigns.
  • Streamlined data collection. Instead of creating multiple spreadsheets, the BuzzGuru Chrome Extension, connected with the BuzzGuru platform, lets you gather essential performance metrics with just a single click. You can also save preferred influencers for future partnerships, all in one convenient location.

In summary, BuzzGuru’s free Chrome extension empowers marketers by providing efficient access to influencer analytics, streamlining data collection, and facilitating comprehensive influencer management through integration with the BuzzGuru influencer marketing platform.