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Analyze influencers’ data, statistics & audiences

Get all the creators’ data relevant for your influencer marketing campaign. Analyze influencers’ statistics on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch.

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Analyze influencers’ performance and make
data-based decisions

Get statistics on each influencer on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and TikTok. All the performance metrics to check the authenticity of any content creator and choose the best for your marketing campaign - in one place.

Influencer profile

BuzzGuru influencer marketing platform gives you a full overview of any social media content creator. You get a complete picture of their performance, audience analytics, follower growth, engagement, posting calendar, and more! Download the designed report to share with your peers, or save it in the list for future collaboration.

Get influencer profile Get influencer profile
Choose the most relevant creators

50+ data breakdowns to analyze influencers

Knowing how influencers perform and what their metrics are, you can filter out all the irrelevant creators at once. BuzzGuru knows all that and gives you an opportunity to get lists of relevant influencers in a few clicks via the smart search engine integrated into the platform.

Make data-driven decisions based on an influencers’ metrics

Account quality analytics

BuzzGuru helps you estimate every influencer’s account's real value faster using specific algorithms that take into account all the metrics relevant to assess the profile’s quality. The info about an account’s quality is always right at your hand on an influencer’s profile page. Use it along with other metrics to have a full understanding of how a particular influencer performs.

Control ad campaigns at all stages

Coverage & views forecast

See the dynamics and overall account growth. BuzzGuru analyzes an influencer’s audience behavior and performance metrics to give you a prediction on how successful your brand or product promotion with influencer can be.

Evaluate campaigns with advanced reports

Content analysis

Analyze creator-generated content within the ultimate influencer marketing platform. See which brands an influencer collaborates with and mentions in their content on a paid and organic basis. See how the particular content performs by analyzing its crucial metrics.

Analyze Content Analyze Content
Evaluate campaigns with advanced reports

Fraud detection tools

BuzzGuru’s machine learning algorithms detect fraudulent activities and low-quality audiences so that you can be sure that you partner up with an influencer with a really authentic audience. Check out the follower growth dynamics, engagement rate and quality score to pick the best partners.

Detect fraud Detect fraud
Control ad campaigns at all stages

Learn what’s the fair price for an influencer

BuzzGuru shows you how much an influencer’s post on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or Twitch stream really costs. The approximate price is calculated based on the influencer’s region’s CPM, their ER and views count.

DISCOVER influencer price DISCOVER influencer price
Evaluate campaigns with advanced reports

Fake followers & likes check

BuzzGuru calculates and helps you analyze an influencer's engagement rate, distribution of likes, number of comments, views/subscribers ratio, and other metrics. This helps you see whether the influencer has paid for followers and/or likes.

Control ad campaigns at all stages

See how customers rate BuzzGuru’s influencer analytics tool

Lenox Powell
Lenox Powell
ĐĄontent director, Semrush
“BuzzGuru brings ease, simplicity, and transparency to the process of finding compatible influencers. It rolls influencer discovery, analysis, and competitive intelligence
into one app”
SemRush Learn more
Vicente Mirasol
Vicente Mirasol
CEO, Tumanag3r
“BuzzGuru is one of the best influencer marketing platforms, offering good and optimal results. Congratulations to your great team for the work”
Tumanag3r Learn more
Daichi Mukai
Daichi Mukai
Creative Video Teams Section Manager, SEGA Corporation
“BuzzGuru discovery and analytics platform provides us with the opportunity to discover influencers from all over the world. We use BuzzGuru to discover great influencers on different platforms where gamers gather, including
Twitch and TikTok”
SEGA Corporation Learn more
SaaS Master
SaaS Master
SaaS Master
“BuzzGuru has a huge database of influencers and insights is going to help you to find the right people or find the right information that’s going to take your business to the next level”
SaaS Master Learn more
Product Hunt
Product Hunt
Product Hunt
“Simple and straightforward features and functionality anyone can understand! I really recommend it!”
Product Hunt Learn more

Get every stage of your influencer marketing campaign covered

FAQs about BuzzGuru's influencer analytics

Follow these steps to start analyzing any influencers at BuzzGuru:

1) Log into your account.

2) Go to the Influencer Discovery tab.

3) Choose the platform (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch), and start typing the influencer name or use filters to search for specific creators.

4) Click on their profile and you’ll get detailed statistics on a particular influencer that you selected. 

If you don’t have a BuzzGuru account, book a demo with one of our specialists. During a demo our team will onboard you to a platform in order to ensure you cover all your business needs with our software solution.
BuzzGuru provides the analytics platform to check influencer statistics and relevant data on any content creator with 10k+ subscribers on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch. Each of these platforms have their particular performance metrics that are relevant to check, and BuzzGuru provides all of them taking into account the specifics of these social media platforms.
BuzzGuru is a SaaS platform that provides you with the most accurate analytics on each influencer on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch. The AI algorithms calculate relevant metrics, so that you can eliminate the human factor with manual calculations.
You can gather and calculate influencer analytics manually, or using a dedicated tool like BuzzGuru influencer analysis tool. Using a SaaS tool will save you up to 126 hours a month on manual research and calculations and eliminate human mistakes.

Here are the most important metrics you should take into account while doing influencer marketing campaign:

  • Engagement rate. The higher engagement rate is, the stronger connection an influencer has with their audience.
  • Audience quality. The statistics on audience quality will help you detect fraudulent subscribers and bots.
  • Post frequency. Too many posts a day can be too excessive for the audience, while the complete absence of posts in a long time is also not good for an influencer's visibility.  
  • Comments/like ratio. Comments/likes ratio gives you an overall idea of whether or not the influencer has bought followers.
  • Follower growth. This is also a great way to find out whether an influencer is buying followers.
  • Audience demographics. This statistics will help you understand whether the influencer’s audience matches your target audience and campaign’s goals.
  • Brand mentions. See which influencer already loves and mentions your brand organically, or see which influencers your competitors collaborate with.
  • Cost per post. You can reach out to them to ask for their media kit, but if you want to have an overall idea, you could check the estimated cost of the promotional post.
  • Quality score. This number gives you an overall idea of all the influencer metrics aggregated on a scale from 1 to 100.

You can use BuzzGuru all-in-one influencer marketing platform to search for content creators and analyze their profiles in one place.

If you already know which influencers you want to partner with and just want to check their analytics, use our free BuzzGuru’s extension. It has all the relevant statistics on any  influencer on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Twitch; and allows you to get analytics on their performance on the go. Everything is available right from your browser - easy to manage and analyze!

KPIs, or key performance indicators, for influencers can vary from your campaign’s goals and the social media platform you launch on. Most common KPIs include: 

  • Content reach
  • Content views/impressions
  • Content likes, comments and shares
  • Click-through-rate
  • Number of sales
BuzzGuru is trusted by 1000+ brands as the best tool to find influencers on social media, as well as endorsed by industry professionals and named the leader in multiple nominations. BuzzGuru gives you a 360° overview of influencer performance, and also helps you run the campaigns with content creators within one technological solution, get reports and track the results. Book a demo here to know all the functionality of the platform.

Analyze data faster and more accurately to increase your campaign’s ROI

Save up to 125 hours a month automating the calculations and analytics for your influencer marketing. Get all the data of YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch influencers and analyze the metrics that define an influencer’s value for advertising.

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