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Influencers section overview
A convenient and easy-to-use tool to discover and study Twitch, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram influencers that helps you find all apps, websites and games ever mentioned or promoted by a certain influencer
Choose the social network to work with
We gather and process the data from the most popular platforms - YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and Instagram
Smart influencer search filters
The system lets you discover influencers based on various filter combinations
Create influencers lists
Create your own influencers lists with the use of the filter
Projected placement cost
Get estimated Ad cost based on the efficiency of advertising campaigns
App promotion
Discover all products that were ever promoted by a certain influencer
Website promotion
Discover all websites that were ever mentioned by influencers in their videos
Find the games played or promoted by influencers
Contact info
Export influencers lists with their contact info to any device
Smart search for YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and Instagram Influencers
We find all influencers according to your parameters
Check essential stats of every influencer
Create personal lists with the influencers you select
See how it works
Detailed characteristics of an Influencer's potential
Channel's stats letting you monitor views dynamics on a certain video and subscriber count
influencer's ad placement cost
Website, app and game mentions stats
influencer's video posting schedule
Analyze influencers
Working with the Influencers lists
Create influencers lists for different campaigns
Export influencers lists with all of their contact info
Create your own list
App promotion
Study what brands buy ads from this influencer and analyze its frequency
Define influencer's ad placement cost
Determine the number of passes by advertising links
Explore apps
Website promotion
Detect influencers' website promotions
We group all videos with the same tracking link into one campaign and therefore show concrete data
Define influencer's ad placement cost
See all of the campaign's influencers and learn their total clicks number
Search for websites
See all games ever played by influencers on their channels
Check the performance of a sponsored video
Project placement cost based on the previous videos' performance
Analyze games
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