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Influencer marketing platform for your success on Instagram

Collaborating with Instagram influencers is an effective way to reach your target audience and find new loyal customers. Discover relevant influencers, research the market, and scale your influencer marketing efforts with the help of the all-in-one platform – BuzzGuru.


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Manage your influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram more efficiently and grow your ROI

Use the BuzzGuru influencer marketing platform to launch your campaigns with content creators on Instagram and beat the competition

Find the influencers who can really bring you profit

Instagram is a large platform and it’s hard to find the influencers who are a) relevant to your marketing campaign and b) perform well. The BuzzGuru platform is designed to make it easier. It has a database of 27M+ influencers including almost 5M of Instagram influencers and over 50 smart filters to help you navigate the database.

Find Instagram Influnecrs Find Instagram Influnecrs
Analyze Instagram influencers & check if they’re fake

Analyze Instagram influencers & check fake followers

Buying followers and likes is quite common on Instagram, unfortunately. To avoid wasting your budget on fake influencers, analyze their data, account and content quality. The BuzzGuru platform gathers and calculates the metrics for you and shows how reliable the Instagram influencer is and how engaged their followers actually are.

Check influencer authenticity Check influencer authenticity
Get accurate lists of relevant influencers only

Find the content your target audience likes

The BuzzGuru platform gives you an opportunity to use the “Content-First” strategy to discover the posts and Reels on Instagram that really hit your target audience to the core. This way, you will know exactly what to do, what types of ads to order from influencers, and how to present your product or service to attract more customers.

Discover content Discover content
Find the content your target audience likes

Get the data to base your influencer marketing strategy on

Numbers don’t lie. Get accurate data on each Instagram influencer’s interests, account quality, audience activity, reliability, ER, CPM, and other metrics to select the right creators for your influencer marketing campaign. The BuzzGuru platform gathers and arranges all the data on an influencer’s profile page for your convenience.

Research influencers Research influencers
Get the data to base your influencer marketing strategy on

See how brands rate BuzzGuru – the all-in-one influencer marketing platform

Lenox Powell
Lenox Powell
Сontent director, SemRush
“BuzzGuru brings ease, simplicity, and transparency to the process of finding compatible influencers. It rolls influencer discovery, analysis, and competitive intelligence
into one app”
SemRush Learn more
Vicente Mirasol
Vicente Mirasol
CEO, Tumanag3r
“BuzzGuru is one of the best influencer marketing platforms, offering good and optimal results. Congratulations to your great team for the work”
Tumanag3r Learn more
Daichi Mukai
Daichi Mukai
Creative Video Teams Section Manager, SEGA Corporation
“BuzzGuru discovery and analytics platform provides us with the opportunity to discover influencers from all over the world. We use BuzzGuru to discover great influencers on different platforms where gamers gather, including
Twitch and TikTok”
SEGA Corporation Learn more
SaaS Master
SaaS Master
SaaS Master
“BuzzGuru has a huge database of influencers and insights is going to help you to find the right people or find the right information that’s going to take your business to the next level”
SaaS Master Learn more
Product Hunt
Product Hunt
Product Hunt
“Simple and straightforward features and functionality anyone can understand! I really recommend it!”
Product Hunt Learn more

Get every stage of your influencer marketing campaign covered

Questions and Answers about Instagram influencer marketing and the BuzzGuru platform

First, learn what your target audience likes. With the BuzzGuru platform, you can see what exact posts and Reels are trending in your niche and appear to be the most engaging and effective. 

Second, find relevant influencers. It’s easy when you use the BuzzGuru’s large database that includes almost 5M influencers with 10K+ followers on Instagram. To help you weed out the irrelevant ones, the platform suggests 50+ filters: the more you use, the more specific lists of influencers you get.

Third, create briefs for influencers. Be specific about what you want to see, but don’t forget about creativity: each influencer has their own style, this is what their audience loves them for.

And last but not least, manage your campaign and monitor the performance of each Instagram influencer. To do so, you can use BuzzGuru’s campaign management tool that gets you detailed reports at any stage of the campaign.

You may look through their account yourself, calculate an Instagram account's audience score and engagement rate, or you can just use BuzzGuru. The platform’s AI calculates all the metrics that show whether the influencer is genuine and with a live audience or not: the likes and comments counts, the engagement rate, and the distribution of likes. There also is a channel quality score indicator that evaluates the Instagram account from 1 to 100 based on the metrics above.
The BuzzGuru influencer marketing platform uses the AI that forecasts the influencer’s performance. It also shows you the average numbers per post: the views, likes, comments, ER. Analyze the figures, and you will easily see what to expect from the Instagram influencer’s performance.

BuzzGuru analyzes each influencer and shows you the accounts that are a lot like the one you have selected in the “Lookalikes” section on the influencer’s profile page.

Moreover, when you are searching for Instagram influencers with the help of filters, you get the list of content creators that all fit your requirements: this also helps you see who’s the most relevant for your campaign. Also you can navigate specific categories of Instagram influencers to learn who makes similar content to what your target audience engages with.

The price per post or Reel has to be based on data. The BuzzGuru influencer marketing platform shows you how an influencer performs and what’s the quality of their account – the metrics to base the price on. Also, BuzzGuru estimates and calculates the possible ad cost for you. Using the data, you can negotiate the price and get the best deal with an Instagram influencer.
Use BuzzGuru’s filters: the more of them you set, the more accurate the list of influencers you will get. Micro-influencers popular in particular niches on Instagram can be easily found when you set the followers count from 10K to 100K and choose the category you need. Add more specifications: the influencer’s language and country, their desired ER, the latest publication date, and more to find the micro-influencers that will fit your campaign’s requirements better.

Instagram influencers may be reached via direct messages on Instagram. Some of them also have other contacts (such as email) stated in their profiles – you can see it on BuzzGuru. And other influencers work with the help of agents and agencies: in this case, they give the agent’s contacts for you to discuss details.

Reaching out to an Instagram influencer, be specific about your product and offer. Don’t forget to negotiate all the conditions of your collaboration and sign a contract.

Influencer marketing on Instagram can be your key to success

Instagram is the social media platform that helps thousands of brands reach their target audiences, attract new consumers, and spread the word about products and services. Using it to your advantage is the must if you want to earn more in the modern world. To be effective, use the BuzzGuru influencer marketing platform, automate your marketing efforts, find the right Instagram influencers faster and launch your improved campaigns.

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