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Finding relevant YouTube influencers to boost your business has never been easier! BuzzGuru helps you discover perfectly aligned content creators for your next marketing campaign and manage them - in one place.


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Select the most relevant influencers on YouTube for your marketing campaigns

Find the influencers who can really unfold the real value of your product or service and attract more customers with BuzzGuru's YouTube influencer marketing platform.

Use the rich database of YouTube influencers

BuzzGuru gives you access to the database of 27M+ social media influencers, including 15M+ YouTube influencers. The base has profiles of all micro-, macro-, mega-influencers and celebrities that can help you increase brand awareness and get you new loyal customers.

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Use the rich database of YouTube influencers

Get accurate lists of relevant influencers only

The right influencer for your business can be quite hard to find when you do it manually: you need to surf thousands of YouTube accounts and evaluate each of them. Automating influencer marketing means automating the search in the first place. With BuzzGuru’s 50+ smart filters you get lists of the influencers that fit your criteria in a few clicks.

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Get accurate lists of relevant influencers only

Learn everything about a YouTuber’s performance

BuzzGuru shows you all the necessary information that helps make data-based decisions. Choose any YouTube influencer from the database and see their profile page to learn about the account quality, ER, activity dynamics, audience activity, CPM, estimated integration price, content quality, and more. All the data are already gathered and calculated for you by the AI.

Get performance analytics Get performance analytics
Learn everything about a YouTuber’s performance

Get insights into your competitors’ strategies on YouTube

The BuzzGuru influencer marketing platform helps you perform competitor analysis. Learn what YouTube influencers your competitors have worked with, see the content they made and how it performed, learn what influencer marketing budgets they have. This gives you an opportunity to avoid common mistakes and adopt what your target audience liked the best.

Research competitors Research competitors
Get insights into your competitors’ strategies on YouTube

See how brands rate BuzzGuru – the all-in-one influencer marketing platform

Lenox Powell
Lenox Powell
Сontent director, SemRush
“BuzzGuru brings ease, simplicity, and transparency to the process of finding compatible influencers. It rolls influencer discovery, analysis, and competitive intelligence
into one app”
SemRush Learn more
Vicente Mirasol
Vicente Mirasol
CEO, Tumanag3r
“BuzzGuru is one of the best influencer marketing platforms, offering good and optimal results. Congratulations to your great team for the work”
Tumanag3r Learn more
Daichi Mukai
Daichi Mukai
Creative Video Teams Section Manager, SEGA Corporation
“BuzzGuru discovery and analytics platform provides us with the opportunity to discover influencers from all over the world. We use BuzzGuru to discover great influencers on different platforms where gamers gather, including
Twitch and TikTok”
SEGA Corporation Learn more
SaaS Master
SaaS Master
SaaS Master
“BuzzGuru has a huge database of influencers and insights is going to help you to find the right people or find the right information that’s going to take your business to the next level”
SaaS Master Learn more
Product Hunt
Product Hunt
Product Hunt
“Simple and straightforward features and functionality anyone can understand! I really recommend it!”
Product Hunt Learn more

Get every stage of your influencer marketing campaign covered

Questions and Answers about YouTube influencer marketing and the BuzzGuru platform

Yes. YouTube is large: it has over 2.6 billion monthly active users; it covers 91 countries; people watch 5 billion videos there every day. There are influencers of all sizes: from micro-influencers with 10K+ subscribers who charge very modestly to celebrities with 10M+ subscribers whose services may cost a lot. With this, you can easily reach your target audience, you only need to find the right creators for that and make sure they fit your requirements and you can afford to collaborate with them within your budget. 

To manage campaigns wisely and efficiently, you need a helping hand: a tool that will be your full-stack assistant. This is what the BuzzGuru influencer marketing platform is designed for. Here, you can discover relevant influencers, perform market research and competitor analysis, run campaigns, and get detailed reports.

To get lists of the most relevant influencers who make high-quality content and have the attention of your target audience, use BuzzGuru’s smart filters. There are more than 50 of them, each helps navigate the database of 15M+ YouTubers, specify your search, and weed out the irrelevant creators.
You have to explore their data. No need to endlessly surf YouTube and calculate the metrics by yourself! BuzzGuru gives you every bit of information necessary to analyze the influencers: their subscribers count, average views per video, ER, CPM, etc. The platform’s AI also forecasts the influencers’ and their audiences’ activity for you to understand what results to expect if you choose to engage the creators in your marketing campaign. BuzzGuru knows what YouTube metrics are vital for making data-based decisions and shows them to you.

Research the market and see what your competitors are up to. BuzzGuru shows every brand mentioned by YouTubers and splits the mentions into paid and organic: this shows you how popular your competitors are and how much they spend on promotion. With BuzzGuru's competitor analysis tool, you can also learn what countries and communities your competitors target, how often they launch ads, what exact influencers they prefer to work with, and what marketing tricks they use. Information is the power that helps you create a successful strategy and beat the competition.

YouTube can become your power to win the market

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms that has millions of users who are ready to buy your products or services. Find the right influencers who can attract your target audience and drive your sales. To scale your efforts and bring your influencer marketing to the next level, use the BuzzGuru platform. Discover YouTube influencers faster, analyze them more accurately, and launch your next successful campaign – all in one place.

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